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In addition to delivering lectures (on the design process & the design supply chain), co-supervising UG and Masters project students, and contributing the other educational activities, the RAEng VP project built on learning from a parallel EPSRC-funded project (Design the Future project, “Embedding design structures in engineering information” (2015-2017)) to develop a systems design vee model to introduce students to the ideas behind systems engineering.  We introduced the model in a 2018 conference paper for an academic audience.  In addition, for student audiences, we produced the following video.  In the video we use a bicycle case study to introduce students to a systems engineering design vee model that is based on the RAEng systems engineering vee model ( The systems engineering vee model is widely used in industries that employ large numbers of engineering graduates it is difficult for engineering students to experience its application because of the time and resources needed to deploy it.  The systems design vee model was created with this in mind.   To learn more about this model, watch the video!

Click here to see the video